Wednesday, May 4, 2011

opinions please?

first off, i know this post comes as a shock to you all. 2 posts in one month...butter me up baby cause im on a roll = )

ok, onto business. i picked this desk up at the thrift the other day.

i kinda forgot i had bought it cause i didnt take it that night and then i got an email from andi saying she saw a desk with my name on it, like literally, a sold tag with my name on it. funny lady.

so my dilemma is everything! keep the hardware? everyone says im crazy not to. my MIL had some brass polish and it cleaned up really nice (though i dont have a pic of it all clean). if i keep it, what color would you paint the desk? black, white, aqua? those are the three contenders so far. ill be getting some QT in with the MIL thursday and friday while i work on this desk and another dresser and she rehabs a vanity for my daughters room at her house. fun stuff. so let's make it snappy, i need your input!!

i can also ditch the hardware and paint it any color i want.

take a look at this post by cassie. just recently she painted a dresser black and it has brass and bakelite hardware too. sorry i have no other inspiration pics :-(

ready, set, GO!


  1. hmm... you already know i'm partial to white furniture, so if it were going in my house that's probably what I would pick. But... I also really like the piece Cassie did and I think it would look great with that. I like the idea of those pulls and the black paint. Very "cool" looking!

  2. Keep the hardware! It's just too unique to let it go. Black would be classic, aqua would be fun. How about a charcoal gray? ... I know it will turn out great no matter what you choose!

  3. My vote is to ditch the hardware. They are definitely cool and unique, but too limiting I think. Picture it aqua and distressed with pretty clear knobs. Ooooooh. Or, painted a glossy yellow with white knobs. Ooooooh. Either way, it's a super cool desk! You'll make the right call, after all, you're the furniture fairy :)

  4. I have to agree with Ali on this. Although the pulls are unique, they are limiting what you could do with this piece.

    But then again, they could look cool if you really chose the right color. Is that red in the middle of the pull? You could paint it a red and go with a vintage retro appeal....

    Either way, the piece is awesome and I can't wait to see how you go with this...

    Keep the posts coming!

    Take care,

  5. I'd keep the hardware and go with black. But if you do ditch the hardware, definitely keep it - eventually something will come up it would be perfect for.