Thursday, March 29, 2012

A dresser to share!

First off, I know my blog page is a mess and I apologize. No tittle, things half done, things not done, etc. But that's kinda how I roll in life so I'm just gonna stick with what works for me : )

I am super excited to share a piece with you all! I bought this dresser about a month ago off CL. I was thinking it would be perfect for my daughters room but once I moved it in there, no can do. Way too deep and I was stuck feeling like her room was all bed and dresser (she was upgraded to a full last spring). Good thing for me, I'm in the business of selling this stuff.

Anywho, it started out like this

I was a bit bummed after driving to the city, carrying it down 4 HUGE and curvy row home staircases, that the top 2 drawer fronts were badly broken. Apparently I didn't see those prior ; ( So I decided on adding boards to the bottom and buying some baskets to fit. It also had some pretty wicked carvings on the top and sides. Things like "def leopard #1", "get high", and I think the saying was "don't you go laying no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll"! Ummm, what?

After lots of wood filler and a good sanding, I was super excited to try a homemade chalk paint recipe. I Sharon at Elizabeth & Co had recently shared a mixture she really liked and so I decided to try it. I'm happy to say it worked great and here is the finished dresser. I don't have a superb camera so this is as good as my pics get! A soft aqua, lightly distressed and drop pulls : )

I think it's adorable and I hope someone else does too!

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