Friday, February 4, 2011

Goodwill & Dollar Tree Hurricanes

Well I haven't been very productive the past couple days but I did manage to put these guys together = )

It was kinda nice to have all this stuff laying around the house and not have to make a trip to any craft store. I picked up the candlestick bases a looong time ago from one of my Goodwill stores. I think they were maybe a buck a piece and they already looked like this (maybe silver leafed?), glass from Dollar Tree, scrapbook paper from a Martha book and the sand from the floral dept at Michael's.

Here's how they started out
Everything fit perfectly! You gotta love it when things work out like that = )

I used crinkle scissors to cut the paper and liked the tattered-ness of it. Not that anyone will be close enough to read but its got all kinds of mushy sayings on it = ) My strips weren't long enough to go around the entire glass so I used some mini glue dots to quickly adhere 2 strips. I totally plan to take the paper band off and use these after Valentine's too (minus the red sand, of course)!

Now to find a party to link to......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm ALIVE! And I have a sign!!

yeah, its been a while. i wish i had tons of amazing projects to share to help explain my absence but i dont so im just gonna jump right into valentines, mmmkay?

i have absolutely no decorations for valentines day and have been loving everything i see out in blogland. im going to share my projects in the next few days and since this is the only one thats 100%, you get it first! a few days ago i raided the dollar tree and the dollar section at target for some goodies. ive also been organizing the craft area and found some useful things, like this divider that came out of an old desk

now i have no idea why i saved it but im glad i did! a put a few coats of paint on, distressed it, and then came the stickers. i started with these and quickly realized that i wouldnt have enough letters and they were kinda small

lucky for me i had some wall clings i picked up from the dollar tree a while back. aubrae and i worked together to come up with some words. you wouldnt believe how many words use the letter e. we had a bit of a hard time but here is the finished product

i love that little girl! and you can see a bunch more projects in the wings so stay tuned...i promise i'll be back ;-p