Friday, February 10, 2012

um, 25 things?

1. im terrible at blogging. dont believe me? look at the date of my last post.

2. i thought this would be a fun way of getting back to blogging but im already starting to re-think it.

3. i spent $60 at ulta on monday and havent touched a single thing from the bag. its my new favorite store to spend money on beauty products i wont use.

4. im at work as i type. eating in front of people who are working out (cause i work at a gym, in case you couldnt figure that out!)

5. i get lots of belly aches.

6. i read lots. pretty much anything that mentions the holocaust, fiction or non.

7. im pretty sure i could eat thai and mexican every night and never be sick of it. red curry, native thai, extra spicy = yum!

8. i HATE having my picture taken. no matter what, i always look funny. no wonder people always laugh at me!

9. i LOVE being scratched. all over. really slow so it kinda tickles.

10. i refuse to scratch my kids backs cause i dont want them to grow up like me. its a sickness.

11. i am the definition of homebody.

12. i dont watch much tv but waste hours on the computer! go figure.

13. i have self diagnosed add/adhd/ocd. everyone i know agrees with me.

14. im a super duper scaredy cat. i wont go in the basement if my husband isnt home and have to close all the curtains so the creepy people cant see in my house.

15. i want sooooooooo bad to get back to riding horses but we cant afford it : (

16. i am not a confidant person, by any means.

17.  i very much so do not like my hands to be dirty!!

18. i wear a housecoat. yep, $17 from walmart and you can join in my comfort too. seriously, go get one now!!! the highlight of my day is usually putting on my pajamas and housecoat : )

19. i keep getting distracted and laughing at people on the elliptical = )

20. my wedding ring cost somewhere around $200 and i love it more than anything! i think its wasteful to spend crazy amounts of money on things like that.

21. my husband purposed to me on the way to the courthouse = )

22. i love family movie nights. tomorrow we are going to start the anne of green gables series. the boys are gonna love it!

23. my children are the most amazing little people ever!

24. and because my children are so amazing, i have very little patience for other little people, especially un-amazing ones!!

25. even though i havent blogged in months, ive gained somewhere around 5 followers! not too shabby.