Tuesday, May 10, 2011

auction pieces ready for lucketts!

im tired. and i plan on being tired for the next week and a half as i hussle to finish stuff for lucketts. so im gonna make an effort to blog but dont be surprised if its just pictures = )

remember this guy?

well now he's as sweet as can be in yellow!

(sorry for the bad color pic but i had to use my phone!)

and this pretty thing i picked up at the auction the following week. it was more than i wanted to pay ($40), but i had to prove a point to the jackass bidding against me. who has the deeper pockets now?! plus, i couldnt go home with another empty carload and full wallet!

isn't she too sweet now?!
(again with the bad colors! its a light gray with glass daisy knobs)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

elephants a$$ and brass

highly inappropriate, i know. but when i tried to describe this color in an email, thats all i could think of. and then laughed like a 5 year every single time i had to type it or read it.
well, here it is!

and cause ive been sanding, and priming, and sanding, and painting, and sanding, and waxing for 2 days, this is the end of my post!

thanks for input everyone! i hope you all like the desk = )

p.s. if you missed the before of this desk, click here.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she wonderful? Oh, and goofy, smart, adorable and lovable = )

This is the mirror that she loved that came with the big aqua dresser I just finished. Though the dresser wouldn't fit in her room, the mirror did!! And its the perfect height for her to have her own floor mirror.

And PLEASE pay no attention to those drab green walls, they will be painted after Lucketts = )
Or the ugly paper room darkening shades :-(

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


and i found my camera = ) remember the dresser i showed you a few posts ago? picked it up from goodwill on the way home from the bust of an auction? well here she is

let me tell you, this one is a back breaker! big, solid and heavy. i really wanted to keep it for aubraes room but since we are getting her a full size bed, it would just be too crowded in there.

i secretly hope that whoever buys this doesnt need it delivered.

andi, i hope this makes your heart go pitter-patter = )

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opinions please?

first off, i know this post comes as a shock to you all. 2 posts in one month...butter me up baby cause im on a roll = )

ok, onto business. i picked this desk up at the thrift the other day.

i kinda forgot i had bought it cause i didnt take it that night and then i got an email from andi saying she saw a desk with my name on it, like literally, a sold tag with my name on it. funny lady.

so my dilemma is everything! keep the hardware? everyone says im crazy not to. my MIL had some brass polish and it cleaned up really nice (though i dont have a pic of it all clean). if i keep it, what color would you paint the desk? black, white, aqua? those are the three contenders so far. ill be getting some QT in with the MIL thursday and friday while i work on this desk and another dresser and she rehabs a vanity for my daughters room at her house. fun stuff. so let's make it snappy, i need your input!!

i can also ditch the hardware and paint it any color i want.

take a look at this post by cassie. just recently she painted a dresser black and it has brass and bakelite hardware too. sorry i have no other inspiration pics :-(

ready, set, GO!