Tuesday, May 10, 2011

auction pieces ready for lucketts!

im tired. and i plan on being tired for the next week and a half as i hussle to finish stuff for lucketts. so im gonna make an effort to blog but dont be surprised if its just pictures = )

remember this guy?

well now he's as sweet as can be in yellow!

(sorry for the bad color pic but i had to use my phone!)

and this pretty thing i picked up at the auction the following week. it was more than i wanted to pay ($40), but i had to prove a point to the jackass bidding against me. who has the deeper pockets now?! plus, i couldnt go home with another empty carload and full wallet!

isn't she too sweet now?!
(again with the bad colors! its a light gray with glass daisy knobs)


  1. this just might come as a shock to you, but i looove the gray dresser! so pretty!

  2. I LOVE THAT GRAY DRESSER! soooo tempting! I am so excited you and cassie will be at luckett's. I've had the date marked on my calendar FOREVER.

  3. Yellow and gray, what could be better! Keep up the good work Emily. You can sleep after Lucketts!

  4. I think they look great! Have fun at Luckett's I am totally jealous:(

  5. Me Likey! I've been hearing so much about Luckett's that I just might have to go check it out. (Mainly just browse since I'm broke right now hee hee)


  6. I just saw Cassie's pics of your day at Lucketts...The two of you had an AMAZING booth. Looks like a blast! Good luck tomorrow....

    Take care,

  7. Loved seeing you! Thanks so much for coming by!

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  11. Hi Emily,

    I love your blog! I have awarded you a Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blog myserendipityhome.blogspot.com for more details on the award, and keep up the good work. :)


  12. Hi! First of all, congrats on your Liebster Blog Award! :o) I found you thru My Serendipity Home. I am loving your blog. I did my first dresser redo earlier this winter(when I could still open windows in the room). It made me want to do more, but I don't have the room to do anything in the winter now. :o( When it warms up I will be using your blog for inspiration! :o)

  13. Oh how fun but tiring to get ready for a show! Nice painting job! I'm one of your newest friends! Drop by for a visit sometime soon!