Saturday, May 7, 2011

elephants a$$ and brass

highly inappropriate, i know. but when i tried to describe this color in an email, thats all i could think of. and then laughed like a 5 year every single time i had to type it or read it.
well, here it is!

and cause ive been sanding, and priming, and sanding, and painting, and sanding, and waxing for 2 days, this is the end of my post!

thanks for input everyone! i hope you all like the desk = )

p.s. if you missed the before of this desk, click here.

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  1. i love it! the gray and red look great together! it's gorgeous! very masculine! maybe it's elephant... balls? ;)

  2. great color choice!! Looks awesome! I remember that joke about how to hide an elephant in a cherry tree. Paint his balls red! That was the first "dirty" joke my dad told me ;-)

  3. Holy cow, I mean elephant, you picked my color suggestion! It's exactly like I imagined! I love it!!!

  4. It turned out awesome!! Glad you kept the hardware after all, it looks perfect :)

  5. Oh! It looks so great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE gray right now! Cant get enough! You did a great job. Ive never used wax. Do you like it better than poly?

    PS Cassie, just read your comment...BAHAHAHAHA!


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