Thursday, May 5, 2011

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she wonderful? Oh, and goofy, smart, adorable and lovable = )

This is the mirror that she loved that came with the big aqua dresser I just finished. Though the dresser wouldn't fit in her room, the mirror did!! And its the perfect height for her to have her own floor mirror.

And PLEASE pay no attention to those drab green walls, they will be painted after Lucketts = )
Or the ugly paper room darkening shades :-(


  1. is this really another post from you??? wow! she's adorable... she looks so much like you in that first picture!

  2. She totally adorable Emily! What a sweet smile ... she looks like one happy girl!

  3. I think I just passed out...another post in the same week? Awesome! And I agree she is adorable and looks a lot like you in that first pic!

  4. SO adorable! I love the "wearing pjs & fresh out of the bath/shower" look on kids. So fresh and happy!

  5. Sweeeet! ;) Every girl needs a floor length mirror in her room.