Sunday, April 24, 2011

stop me if you've heard this one....

i went to the auction and i got......the same thing cassie did....

AND this cute table/desk! since it's a mahogany stain, im hitting it with some cover stain primer for those hard to reach areas and then brushing on the same primer for the flat areas. i recently saw an avocado green table that someone linked up somewhere (i cant remember where) and i think im may try something like that. or maybe a darker blue? or light gray?

and since im sure you all follow cassie's blog then you know that we made some stops on our way back at the goodwill and i picked up this dresser with a matching mirror

and here it is so far (i've hurt my right wrist somehow so i'm taking a day to recover before i distress and antique it)

im really having a hard time not keeping this for my daughters room. she has been through 4 dressers in the last year and seems like nothing works. and can i just tell you that she is in LOVE with the 4' mirror that goes with this? its a big as she is and if you know anything about little girls then you know they like LOVE to look at themselves!!

so i've made my monthly quota of 1 post. dont expect too much more from me = ) im off to finish some blog reading and work on my banner!



  1. keep the dresser- it's so pretty! sell the one she has now. :) i think this dresser really suits the look you are going for in there.
    and you blogged. it's an easter miracle!

  2. Yay.....A post from Emily!!! I knew I recognized that bunny!

    The dresser is AWESOME. Love the shape of the french provincial pieces. Can't wait to see it done!

    Take care,

  3. looking forward to seeing the end results of the desk and dresser. I love the color of the dresser. Hope your wrist is better. See ya next month! haha! Hope you had a great Easter!

  4. What a cute dresser! I agree you may want to consider keeping it... Awww, I hope your wrist feels better & once a month is better than nothing! I tried to start blogging again and I'VE GOT NOTHIN lol My life is so messed up right it's not even funny but I'll have something to write about soon, I hope. ;)


    P.S. One of these days I'd like to tag along with the two of you on your Goodwill Hunting hahaha OMG that was so corny... I must stop drinking!

  5. I love the dresser, it's so pretty! You and Cassie got some cute bunnies. Are they going in hiding until next year?? Happy Easter :)