Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Katelyn's Kitchen Cabinet

A few weeks ago I had a client contact me wanting to buy this dresser

She planned on using it to store pots and pans in her studio apartment in DC. I had to let her know that I didnt think it was going to work as the weight of those items adds up. I had this cabinet on hand and Katelyn decided on having the top refinished in a dark walnut, the inside painted a mustard yellow, and the outside and antique white. I was so excited to get started.

This was my first experience with re-staining a piece. I've stained bare wood before but I have always stayed away from re-staining. I sanded down the top to bare wood (or so I thought), applied a wood conditioner, and my stain. I wish I had a picture to show you cause when i came back after 15 minutes of my stain soaking, it just wasnt pretty. Apparently the top of this cabinet was really, really thin layers of wood and I guess the previous finish was so deep that it was popping through. So many days of drying, sanding, conditioning, staining, sealing, painting, etc, etc-here is what I ended up with
I had my local Benjamin Moore dealer color match Lowes "Antique White" in their Aura paint-I soooo love that stuff! Katelyn was so happy to get her cabinet and guess what? She's a blogger too! You can read her blog here at The Eclectic Traditionalist.

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  1. The cabinet turned out beautifully! Perfect for a studio apartment. It was worth all the effort. And oh that dresser is fabulous too!

  2. it is sooo cute! i am going to have to check out her blog. and look at you lining up to the party! to get the button in your post, just copy and paste my button code. easy peasy. ;)