Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can you please pass the mustard?

A few weeks ago (notice this is how all my posts start?), I was at my all time fave thrift store (whose location will never be revealed!), and I saw this great little server. I passed it up as it wasn't what I went there looking for and I knew I was going to good old Walmart right after for some plastic drawer storage and I wouldn't be able to fit it in the car anyhow.
I couldn't stop thinking about it and went back a few days later and it was still there so I knew it was meant to be. I knew right away I was going gray or mustard, but hadn't decided on hardware. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I found the most perfect knobs ever and I knew what color it would be! And here is how it turned out......
Wanna buy it? You can do that very thing by clicking here!

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  1. oh my gosh! it is sooo cute. I do want to buy it, but i don't have any room for it- haha! p.s. I blogged about your cabinet today!

  2. Aww thanks! I blogged about my ugly cabinet that is now your pretty cabinet last night!

  3. of course you already know i think it is adorable!

  4. I wish i had a spot for this bc i really love it!!!!

  5. Of course you couldn't stop thinking about it. This piece is to die for!

    Take care,

  6. Oh my gosh I love this color and shape! I wish, wish, wish I had a place for it!!

    P.S. Stop by and enter my giftcard giveaway!