Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inspired by Jane of All Crafts

A few weeks ago while reading my blogs, I came across this post by Andi at Jane of All Crafts . What a great quickie, right?! I've had some frames set up on my dining room buffet/dresser/catch all and couldn't wait to do this. My MIL had been over recently and commented on how all my frames were empty so this was the perfect way to "show her". So the day after Thanksgiving (while watching the parade again-thank you DVR), Scott and Aubrae helped me out. I had the scrapbook paper handy from a multi pack I picked up in October (the best $2.50 ever since it had Halloween, Fall, and Christmas) and tons of burlap stashed in my fabric box. I sliced the papers to fit and Scott and Aubrae got to cutting the burlap shapes. And can I tell you, he was quite proud of himself = ) So here they are!

And here they sit. My reindeer candlesticks are a purchase from Primitive & Proper a few years ago. Missing in this is my rosemary tree that's waiting to be planted in its new mercury glass vase. I'll be sure to get a pic of it all together soon = )
Thanks for the inspiration Andi! And I'm glad you can make it Friday!!


  1. very cute!!! i love that sideboard/dresser! it looks like the one i emailed you today that i thought was gorgeous. i don't think i have seen it before? where have you been hiding, my precious?

  2. Sorry I missed this post! Thanks for the shout out! Love the burlap...awesome idea.