Thursday, December 9, 2010

i am one HAPPY girl = )

and it just took these few things. now i can spend hours a day shopping and not accomplish much but tonight i had one hour and here are the things i got:
fabric for my bedroom curtains! this is going to help so much with deciding on wall and furniture colors.

a foam cone for wine & design tomorrow night. any guesses as to what im making?

a tin for my cookies to take to wine and design and the ornament exchange next week. im making oatmeal cookies with cinnamon chips and mint chocolate chip cookies. om nom nom!

and a 17 foot ladder. we are having our attic finished and decided to get one of these instead of installing attic stairs. i did a little research before leaving the house and found that HD had it on sale for 119 but online only and you had to pay shipping. i went to Lowes and their price was 180. i asked them to match it and they did! so tomorrow morning i will venture up there to measure for the flooring. hello storage!!

im so excited i dont know if i can sleep :-(


  1. i just went to goodwill and found some things i can work with tonight.... i had no idea what i was going to make! :) i still am not totally sure, but with you girls by my side, it will come together!

  2. oh, and i think that darker blue might be sharp on your new dresser!