Friday, October 8, 2010

a work in progress

so ive finally done did it, i have a blog! what prompted me to start it tonight when i have a bazillion other things to do you may ask? well....1) finding out that my neighbor is a blogger and a crafty lady, 2) being too stinkin tired and famished to do anything else productive and 3) ive hurt my shoulder and cant lift my arm parallel to my shoulder so no more working anyways. and by famished i mean i was painting all day and forgot to eat until the littles reminded me that it was dark and they didnt have any dinner yet so i promptly made myself a bowl or crunch berries = )

anywho, i think the hardest part (aside from making your blog pretty and interesting enough for anyone to want to read it, figuring out how to link stuff, etc, etc) would be naming your blog. so ill share my story = )

when i was little my mom had a problem-moving furniture around. actually, not just furniture but the entire room. every little rabbit figurine, lamp, shelf, picture, EVERYTHING. my dad worked nights and he would leave in the late evening and come home early in the morning or sometimes in the middle of the night. not wanting to wake anyone in the house, he wouldnt turn any lights on and then proceed to bump into furniture that hadnt been in that spot hours earlier! did i mention my dad only has one eye? what a cruel joke to play on a one eyed man. in the morning or the next evening, i remember hearing my parents talk about how the furniture fairy came in the middle of the night. i dont think my mom ever fessed up = )

and guess what? she passed her sickness on to me and im happy to say that i am the newly appointed furniture fairy. i drive my family nuts, hardly complete projects, and nothing ever stays the same in this house. so i hope you follow me on these misadventures and im looking forward to growing my blog family. wont you be my neighbor?!

and until i can figure out how to auto sign ~~~~~ emily <3 <--- my lame attempt at a heart


  1. I will be happy to follow your blog if you post it on facebook every time you write one!

  2. I LOVE your blog name, it fits. I tried to pick something interesting for mine but as you can see, I came up short... :-/
    Anyway, glad to be your real life and blog neighbor! :) ~Jazz

  3. *blush* thanks jazz! right back at ya!