Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Obsessed with......yarn!

So I've come across some yarn projects in blogland and have totally fallen in love! I had some stuff laying around so last night Aubrae and I had a little yarn party....

I had to call my mom and ask her how to get the yarn rolled into those pretty little balls. Sad right? I don't sew, crochet or knit so I'm totally lost when it comes to this stuff. After teaching Aubrae how to roll, I got started with my letter E that I got on clearance from Michael's, some scrapbooking things also on clearance, furniture nails I had on hand, and some white yarn that I have no clue ended up in my house.

A little hi-five action = )

So I'm going pretty good, and then all the sudden
this was not supposed to be checkered. Now how am I going to get all these sides to be covered? All my ends were bare and this just was not working out. So I took it all apart, figured out what I needed to do and ........... TA DA! My first finished craft for my bliggity~blog!

I remember when a was a teenager reading an article in YM Magazine saying that seeing your name boosts self esteem....I think I may plaster my house in letter E's if they all turn out this pretty = )

And may I just say, these wonderful pics are courtesy of Chase. It was a family affair!

Later Alligators


  1. that looks adorable! i love it! i went to the dollar store today and they had some of those green foam wreaths- maybe 10 "? i got a couple if you want one.

  2. Cool Craft! Hmmm, I might need to plaster some J's around my house. I'm in need of a little esteem boosting over here. ;)