Wednesday, March 16, 2011

before & after.....

except for i always forget to take the before shots, oh well.

im on a mission to use crap supplies i have laying around the house. i tend to buy things knowing i will do something with them or save a piece that comes off something knowing it will be put to good use one day. usually though, one day never comes around but im trying!!

last week was wine and design with my fave group of crafting ladies. the theme was lucky/st patty's and i had plans to make one thing but wasnt able to get the supplies for it so in came this guy

if you look closely through the primer (and upside down!), you'll see the cutest little mouse drying his hair. i think it must have been someone's art project in school back in the 70's. i got it last year at the thrift store for a buck fifty. he used to hang on the kids bathroom door until someone slammed it and he ended up with a broken hanger laying on the floor. no love.

add some paint, cute scrapbook paper and a few attempts with my silhouette and here it is after

i ended up using mini glue dots for the letters and shamrocks. i wasnt feeling the mod podge and glue dots are SO much easier and less messy!

and as much as i would like to up my number of blog posts ill just share another one now = )

this was the best before pic i could get as i had already painted the frame. i love these pictures that you can find at thrift stores-but just for their frames!

ive been wanting to make this for a while now and since i was up till 2 am last night, i figured id finally do it.

is this bunny not the most adorable thing?! i simply doubled up some burlap for the background and cut a bunny from a moss sheet from the dollar tree.

it feels so good to start getting those little projects done and use up stuff laying around the house, especially since my sister texted me the other day and she will be here in 7 days to stay for a week! time to clean!!


  1. I am having company in 2 weeks. Next week will be cleaning time.

  2. i LOOOVE the bunny! so cute!!!! and of course the lucky sign turned out great, but the bunny- just love him!

  3. Cute bunny!! The dollar store has such random things. And the bird picture, definitely had it in my house growing up!

  4. Glad you finished the Lucky sign it turned out great! I ended up painting right over my Luck O' the Stylish plaque and plan to do something else w/ that later...
    Oh my, that bunny art is SO CUTE and very creative! Great Job, Emily!